What Should Be Known About Building Solar Water Heaters

We can name many reasons why you might want to create a good solar water heater. Most individuals want to have smaller heating bills while different others simply think about our environment and are considering it to save fossils or trees. The truth is that a water heater can really help out any home out there. We do have a lot of variations possible that you can choose from. Choose one solar water heater that is a part of a passive system so that there is no need for an additional energy source.

The very first step that is important when building a solar water heater is properly analyzing personal water needs. A regular person will use around 30 gallons of water daily. Costs can be reduced if you are thinking about looking for discarded electrical heater tanks that have good sizes to suit your needs.

Think about the new heater placement. It has to be outside your home in an area that allows south facing so that proper sun rays exposure appears. The tank must be painted black so that more sun energy is to be absorbed. Also, plywood boxes are required for each water tank. It has to feature an incline in order for the heater to be placed in an upright position. In order to maintain a small level of energy loss you will need fiberglass insulation for the interior of your box. After this the water tank has to be installed.

Different pipes and plumbing fittings have to be linked to the bottom of your tank. They are to carry water from home to a solar heater. Then connect another pipe set from the water heater-s top. These are the pipes that go back to your regular heater inside the house. It is highly recommended to own one in order to properly have backup units and maintain water warm for longer periods of time. Exposed pipes have to have insulation so that they do not freeze during winter. You can also use insulation foam even if the effectiveness of fiberglass is much bigger. Now you do have to cover the box by using clear plastic and/or window glass. When doing this anyone can easily keep the heat inside the box.